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Crop and Livestock Insurance for Your Growing Concerns

  • Disasters Happen

    When it comes to making decisions about your farm, you’re in control. Sometimes Mother Nature has her own agenda. When that agenda affects your business, crop insurance and livestock insurance will help you pick up the pieces and get back to work.

  • Rely on the Power of One

    Farmers and ranchers can use a combination of federal and private crop and livestock insurance to protect their operations from inherent risks. As the No. 1 farm insurer in our territory, you can rest assured your Farm Bureau agent knows how to tailor a protection program to meet your farm or ranch’s risk management needs.

  • Customize Your Coverage

    When it comes to protecting your crops, you want customized coverage from a provider that understands the unique needs of your operation. As the # 1 ag insurer in our territory1, Farm Bureau Financial Services has the direct experience you need to cover your farm and ranch property and liability insurance needs.

    We’re able to expand our farm and ranch insurance profile by teaming up with the #1 crop insurance provider in the country2 Rain and Hail. Through this relationship we can offer a full suite of crop insurance products, including federal crop insurance, crop hail, livestock and specialty crop lines. Rain and Hail has long been recognized industry-wide as a leader in crop insurance, dedicated to serving the needs of farmers across the country.

    The foundation of both of our companies is our commitment to the agricultural community, providing exceptional service and the coverage you need to protect your operation.

12016 SNL P&C Group—Farm Bureau Property & Casualty Insurance Company and Western Agricultural Insurance Company direct written premium in our 8-state territory. 2 2016 Conning, Inc. Multiple peril, crop-hail, and specialty crop insurance offered through Rain and Hail, a Chubb Company, Johnston, Iowa.

I can help you determine which federal crop and crop hail insurance programs best meet your specific needs:

  •  Revenue Protection

    Revenue Protection (RP) offers comprehensive protection through a dollar guarantee. RP also provides prevented planting and replant protection. A projected price is used to calculate the premium, replant payments and prevent planting payments. Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion (RPHPE) is also available.

  •  Pasture Rangeland Forage (PRF)

    This option protects against widespread loss of production of the insured crop in a designated area called a grid. Coverage is based on grids rather than individual farms. Coverage under the PRF is available for two crop types: Grazing and Haying.

  •  Actual Production History

    Actual Production History provides comprehensive protection against weather-related causes of loss and certain other unavoidable perils.

  •  Area Revenue Protection

    The Area Revenue Protection (ARP) plan of coverage is an area-based revenue insurance program that provides insurance protection against widespread loss of revenue in a county. ARP does not provide coverage for prevented planting or replanting. Area Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion (ARPHPE) is also available.

  •  Area Yield Protection

    Area Yield Protection (AYP) provides protection against loss of yield due to a county level production loss. A loss payment triggers when the county average yield in a given year falls below the trend adjusted average yield by a greater percentage than the insured’s selected deductible. AYP does not provide coverage for prevented planting or replanting.

  •  Stacked Income Protection

    The Stacked Income Protection Plan (STAX) is an area-based plan of insurance for upland cotton that provides protection against natural causes of loss that result in the area revenue falling below the county loss trigger. STAX may be purchased as a stand-alone policy or in conjunction with a Common Crop Insurance Policy (Yield Protection, Revenue Protection, Revenue Protection with the Harvest Price Exclusion and Whole-Farm Revenue Protection) or any Area Risk Protection Insurance policy (Area Yield Protection, Area Revenue Protection and Area Revenue Protection with the Harvest Price Exclusion).

  •  Supplemental Coverage Option

    The Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO) provides additional coverage for a portion of your underlying crop insurance policy deductible. SCO is an endorsement to either a Yield Protection (YP), Revenue Protection (RP) or Revenue Protection with the Harvest Price Exclusion (RPHPE) policy.

  •  Whole-Farm Revenue Protection

    Whole-Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) provides a risk management safety net for all commodities on the farm under one insurance policy. This insurance plan is tailored for any farm with up to $8.5 million in insured revenue, including farms with specialty or organic commodities (both crops and livestock), or those marketing to local, regional, specialty or direct markets.

  •  Yield Protection

    Yield Protection (YP) protects against a production loss for crops and also provides prevented planting and replant protection.

To learn more about crop insurance programs available through FBFS or to find a crop insurance agent in your area, contact us at 1-800-370-3357 or via e-mail at crop@fbfs.com.

Western Agricultural Insurance Company*(West Des Moines, IA) is an equal opportunity provider. In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) civil rights regulations and policies, the USDA, its Agencies, offices, and employees, and institutions participating in or administering USDA programs are prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity (including gender expression), sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status, family/parental status, income derived from a public assistance program, political beliefs, or reprisal or retaliation for prior civil rights activity, in any program or activity conducted or funded by USDA (not all bases apply to all programs). *Company provider of Farm Bureau Financial Services.

  •  Crop Hail

    Crop Hail coverage is available up to the full value of the crop. Deductibles provide a variety of choices that permit the producer to partially self-insure for a reduced premium cost.

  •  Companion Hail

    Covers that portion of the crop not covered by a policy reinsured or approved by Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC). Provides protection against any yield reduction caused by hail and/or fire. Designed to work in conjunction with a policy reinsured or approved by FCIC and contains increasing payment factors which match up with the various coverage levels.

  •  Green Snap or Wind

    Provides coverage against direct loss due to Green Snap or Lodging caused by natural wind to field corn, seed corn or sweet corn. Coverage options include Green Snap coverage, wind (Green Snap and/or Lodging) coverage or extra harvest expense coverage. Extra harvest expense coverage may be added to Green Snap or wind (Green Snap and/or Lodging) coverage, or elected as a separate standalone coverage.

  • Field Grain Fire

    Insures standing grain crop against direct loss by fire and covers any loss of grain due to collision or upset of vehicles while the grain is being transported to the first place of storage. A Stored Grain Coverage endorsement is also available to cover the grain in storage against fire.

  •  Hay Fire

    Insures hay stored in the open or in buildings or structures against direct loss by fire. Other coverages provided include loss of hay due to windstorm, collision, overturn and collapse of bridges, docks or culverts while the hay is being transported, loss of fencing, fire department service charges, and theft and vandalism.

  •  Production Plan

    Covers, on a unit basis, the portion of the crop not insured under a Yield Protection (YP) or Revenue Protection (RP) plan of insurance. An underlying YP or RP policy is required. An option for Green Snap or Wind coverage is also available.

  •  Rain Insurance on Special Events

    Insures against direct loss to events caused by rainfall. This policy is written for a short term of only a few hours for a specific event susceptible to “rain-out,” such as a rodeo or concert.

  •  Revenue Plus

    Revenue Plus (RVP) is a private endorsement product that provides additional revenue coverage for the same crop(s)/county(ies) insured under the Revenue Protection (RP) plan of insurance. If the unit structure for RVP is the same as for the underlying RP policy, a RVP loss will be triggered at the same time as the RP policy regardless of whether the loss is due to a yield loss and/or price loss.

  •  Revenue Price Option

    Revenue Price Option (RPO) is a private product that provides additional price coverage for corn and soybeans.

  •  Yield Plus

    Yield Plus (YDP) is a private endorsement product that provides coverage based on the insured’s approved yield established for the underlying federal crop insurance policy. YDP provides coverage against yield losses which results in the production to count being less than the production guarantee. YDP coverage is available when the underlying federal crop plan of insurance is Yield Protection (YP), Revenue Protection (RP), or Revenue Protection with the harvest price exclusion (RP-HPE).

To learn more about crop insurance programs available through FBFS or to find a crop insurance agent in your area, contact us at 1-800-370-3357 or via e-mail at crop@fbfs.com.

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